meet the hosts


Neight Mindham

Neight is Wisconsin master player from Madison, Wisconsin. Here is a list of his accomplishments in pool...

  • 2013 VNEA junior pool runner up 
  • 4th place college ACUI national championships
  • 2015 Stansfield AA champion
  • 2016 VNEA Worlds 2nd place open teams
  • 2017, 2018, 2019 WSPA team master champions

When asked why he created the podcast, he answered, "there is a desire for knowledge at a local, national, and world level  from players of all abilites. I hope to be the medium between the players, events, topics, etc and our listening followers that I feel just does not currently exist. I hope to make this a one stop pod for all of your pool knowledge needs."


Robert Hovick

Robert Hovick is a Wisconsin and national master from from Marshfield, WI.  Here are a list of Robs accomplishments in pool... 

  • 1980 National college champion
  • 2001 WI State 9-ball Masters champion
  • 2007, 2010 runner up WI Masters 8-ball 
  • 2011 runner up National BCAPL Master scotch doubles division
  •  2016 VNEA National champion 8ball Senior division 
  •  Owner of Rack and Roll Billiards Marshfield, Wi from 2001 to 2010 

Rob is  best known for having a hard time staying quiet while playing.  He switched to 3 cushion in 2016 and will not look back.  Rob says he is doing this podcast because, "my days are numbered and this is a chance to make myself look like a fool on the air, cannot pass that up. If I can help one listener to laugh or learn I will go to the pool hall in the sky a happy guy. "


Austin Hill

The boots on the ground, chief reporting, master traveling  'A' player that always has something to say and always has a ball to shoot into the rail. Austin travels the country playing pool and surviving with the best of them. Armed with nothing but a Bud Light cue and Hand recorder, Austin travels the U.S. gathering stories and advice from some of the best players in the country while losing $100 sets all day long to whoever will play him. 

We would love to add your questions, comments,  and advice to the show. Please reach out below with questions you would like to hear read on the air, comments about previous discussions read on the air, or advice on how to make the pod better in any way.