Jennifer Barretta



Years played game and age when started : 20 years old and 29 years

Country/state: Manhatton,  NY

Favorite Game: 10 ball

Fargo rating:  675

Biggest influence to your game: Stu Mattana

List of your top 3-7 accomplishments in pool: 

1 place empress cup

WBPA womans #1

Predator tour stop champion 

Favorite pool quote: "Pool is a beautiful game played by ugly people" 

Best advice to give: To continue improving, you must continue learning


 Shooting Cue and Tip: Predator P3 with 12.4 Revo with techno Dud

Break Cue and Tip:  Mezz Powerbreak 2 (shorty) 

Jump cue brand:  James Hanshew