Age: 46 

Age when started playing and total years played: 19 years old and 27 years 

Fargo Rating: 746

Favorite Game:  One Pocket

Biggest influence to your game:  Bob Hunter  

List of top Accomplishments in pool:  

2003 Reno Open Champion

2006, 2014  Mosconi Cup

2006 US Open Champion

2009 Players Championship

2009 Derby City One Pocket Champion

2012 World 14.1 Champion

World 14.1 World Record Holder at 626 balls!!! 100 higher than the previous record

Got the nickname 'Mr. 400' for his seven runs (and counting) over 400 in 14.1 

Favorite pool quote:  I have never really been beat...  just ran out of money a few times.


Best advice to give: Play straight pool 

Shooting Cue and Tip:  Predator P3  with 12.9 revo shaft 

Break Cue and Tip:   Bk rush