Age: 29

Age started years played game: 13 and 16

Favorite Game: 9-Ball

Fargo rating: 752

Biggest influence to your game: Mark Wilson

List of your top accomplishments in pool: 

ACUI 2016 National Champion

2016 Big Dawgs Midwest Expo Runner Up 9-Ball

2016 Big Dawgs Midwest Expo Bigfoot 3rd place 

2019 World Cup Singapore Qualifier

Favorite pool quote: It's not over til it's over.

Best advice to give: Do what you fear most. 

Shooting Cue and Tip:   Treadway w Revo 12.9 Radial with  Zan Hybrid Max  

Break Cue and Tip:  Predator BK3  

Jump cue brand:  Hanshew jump &  Sasaki jump cue