Age: 26

Years played game and age when started: 10 years old 16 years

Favorite Game: Bartable 8-ball

Fargo rating:: 789

Biggest influence to your game: My family

List of your top 3-7 accomplishments in pool: 

1015-2019 Mosconi Cup

2019 Mosconi MVP

2017 Runner up World Cup of Pool

3rd World pool masters 

2019 derby city 9 ball

2019 Master of the table derby city classic

2017 world pool series 8 ball champion

Favorite pool quote: If you make it, its a great shot.

Best advice to give: Never give up. Practice as much as you can playing better players. 

Shooting Cue and Tip:  Meucci  with  Outsville techno dud 

Break Cue and Tip:    Meucci  

Jump cue brand:  Meucci