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Jacoby custom cues

 Jacoby Custom Cues, Inc. was formed in 1982 as Dave's Cue Service. David and his son, Shane, started doing repairs in the basement of their home. When they were ready for more challenges, they ventured on to tackle the task of creating their first cue. They put their talents and imaginations to work aided by other great cue makers and earned themselves membership in the American Cue Maker's Association. For those who value excellence, they created the finest handcrafted masterpieces, and Jacoby Custom Cues started to grow. Shane went in the Army in 1986 and then to college for industrial engineering. Dave's other son, Brandon, took over at this point. In 1992 they built a shop and moved out of the basement. It didn't take long for Jacoby Custom Cues to grow even more, to keep up with the demand of their fine cues they moved once again.  

 Now, Jacoby Custom Cues is located in the downtown of Nekoosa, Wisconsin.  All of the work, from start to finish, takes place in Nekoosa, WI U.S.A. While Brandon runs and operates all of the shop and cue making duties, Dave can be found at most major pool tournaments and cue shows throughout the United States displaying cues and keeping a close eye on what the player's wants and needs are. Until 2013 Dave was the President of the American Cue makers Association, which works to promote the American made cue.  He held this position for six years and in 2013 stepped down. This move has allowed Dave to continue to enjoy local pool leagues, traveling to to see dealers around the country and enjoying a little extra time at his cabin. 

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Cody's cue therapy

 I started 3 years ago with intentions to just mess around with a lathe. I actually won the lathe in a drawing. I then realized after practicing with a few cheap cues of mine that I had a knack for it. I have a background from college in auto refinishing, so it easily made sense to me about how to properly get a finish like a vehicle and keeping in mind that heat is not a friend. I guarantee the care, time and effort I put into every repair is far more than price being paid. I take all the knowledge from making a mint finish on vehicle and put those concepts into tip installations and shaft refinishing. There will always be fine tuning to the process, but no matter what, I am going to treat every repair as if the finish product was going onto a showroom floor. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing people I did work for months down the road, and receiving the compliments on the tips finish and play. I even catch myself seeing people not properly maintaining their tip and don't hesitate to clean it up complimentary. I know free doesn't get anyone ahead directly, but indirectly it will. Whether that be the customer asking for a shaft refinishing with the complimentary tip clean of an existing install, or just passing the word on. By adding cue repair to part of my love for the game, it has actually made my practice sessions more meaningful knowing that my customers also love to see me excel in tournament play. Its always a good feeling knowing you have a group of people behind you know matter what it is for. 

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You can reach out to Cody below to have any routine shaft cleaning, tip replacement, etc at the link below. 


Several years ago Jeff challenged himself to be the best pool player he could be.  He quickly learned three things:

· It was going to take a lot more work than he thought.

· The game was mostly mental.

· And that he did not play well when in pain and/or being in an unhealthy state.

For over 20 years Jeff has been interested in a more natural approach to health. One day a couple years ago while doing research he discovered CBD as a natural way to reduce the effects of anxiety. After taking CBD regularly, he began to experience life changing results not only with less anxiety, but also less muscle and joint pain and the bonus of a more restful sleep. CBD is now a major part of his life and goals of being as healthy as possible and continuing to enjoy and excel in the game!

Jeff would like to invite you to share in the amazing benefits of CBD and find out if it could benefit your life and game as well. 

You can text anytime: 715-887-2550 or follow the link below and you will find over 70 high quality products delivered to your door that all come with an empty bottle, 60-day money-back guarantee. 

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THe Wisconsin billiards hall of fame

 Visit wibhof.org today and learn about the Hall of Famers from our state and so much more!  Check out upcoming tournament flyers, browse through over 500 historical photos from Wisconsin pool, read about past billiard venues or brush up on your game rules.  Join as a member to receive voting rights on the ballot, get automatically entered for monthly prize giveaways, and attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and annual tournament!  Get your own WIBHOF merchandise as well by checking out our online store.  With over 600 members, WIBHOF is growing every day and we hope you’ll visit us soon! 

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To visit the Wisconsin Billiards Hall of Fame or learn more info about anything, follow the link below.


the rock sports bar and grille

The Rock Sports Bar and Grille is a family friendly sports activities bar featuring 8 Diamond professional quality pool tables, 4 G3 tournament edition dartboards and outdoor patio.

Our menu is made from top quality ingredients and designed by Master Chef Martin. We don't do quick boring bar baskets, we do pleasant and plated.

We are the perfect hangout for playing pool, darts, bag toss or just chilling out watching one of our 19 55" HDTV's inside or outside in "The Rock Garden".

"The Rock Garden" is Sun Prairie's newest and best beer garden featuring 4 55" HDTV's, music and fully shaded dining area. More TV's and a 10' gas fire pit!

We offer a great tap beer selection with 24 taps and wide variety of bottled beers.

Come celebrate your birthday with us and enjoy bottomless domestic taps or rail mixers and your group gets free pool!! Valid any 1 night of your birthday week. (Birthday week consists of the Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday immediately following your actual birthday. Valid state issued ID must be presented.) 

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Check out our Facebook page below where all of our promotions, tournaments and specials can be found!

Wisconsin State Poolplayers Association ~ WSPA

 The WSPA is an independent association, keeping 100% of our membership dues right here in the state of Wisconsin. Our sole mission is to promote the sport of amateur pocket billiards in the state of Wisconsin. 


iCue Practice Cue Ball

The iCue Practice Ball was designed by inventor Thomas Van Eck. Thomas researched winning

matches in major championships and recorded statistics on tip contact (on the cue ball). When collating, the statistics revealed striking similarities and patters emerged. Thomas broke the cue ball into target areas (A,B,C and 1,2,3).  The target areas are A-above center, B- below center, Center and 123's sidespin areas. These 5 main tip contact areas represent over 80% of the shots made. Now you can practice like the pros play. The ball could not be easier to use. Decide where you want to hit the iCue Ball, chalk your stick, hit your shot and check your mark. The iCue is a great start to a better game!

Available in original A,B,C,1,2,3 or clock ball.

Available in American, Snooker, Blackball, and Billiard sizes

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